If your permanent adult tooth gets knocked out of your mouth during a traumatic injury, there is still a chance that it can be re-implanted back into place.  An “avulsed tooth” is a tooth that has been completely knocked out of its original position.  There is a short window of opportunity of about an hour for successful re-implantation, so you want to get evaluated by a dentist, oral surgeon, or emergency room/urgent care doctor as soon as possible.

You Have 60 Minutes To Save A Knocked-Out Tooth. Will You Know What To Do?

To help increase your chances of success:

  • Find your tooth and try to pick it up by the crown of the tooth and not the root.
  • If possible, place the tooth back into your mouth directly into the socket. If you need to rinse off the tooth, do so with saliva, saline solution, or milk. Do not use water, and do not scrub your tooth!
  • If you are unable to place your tooth back into your mouth, store it in milk or saline solution and immediately get evaluated by your dentist, oral surgeon, or the nearest emergency room/urgent care center.

If your dentist can re-implant your tooth back into place, a splint/brace will likely be placed for at least two weeks to help keep the tooth in position and allow for healing. You will also require a root canal on the tooth to help prevent infection.

The odds of saving an avulsed tooth is higher in children, but this can still be successful in adults too. Your dentist will continue to monitor the tooth for several years after your injury. Even if your tooth cannot be re-implanted or needs to be removed, there are options to help you get your smile back. A dental implant can be placed to replace your missing tooth. Your oral surgeon will place the dental implant, and your dentist will place the crown on top of the implant.

Losing a tooth from a traumatic injury can be devastating. We are here to do everything we can quickly and efficiently to ensure success and allow for you to keep smiling!