Exparel is a non-opioid medication that provides longer-lasting pain relief so patients can reduce or avoid opioid medicines after surgery. Exparel is injected adjacent to the incision sites during your surgery. The medication utilizes time-release technology to deliver pain relief to surgical sites over the next 72 hours.

The response that we have received has been quite remarkable. Patients who choose to include Exparel with their treatment have been very pleased. They have recommended it to others, and we often receive hugs and gratitude when patients return for follow-up visits. There have also been many times when parents of patients wish that Exparel was available when they had their wisdom teeth removed.

The most common procedure for the administration of Exparel is Wisdom Teeth Surgery. However, we have also utilized the medication for dental implant surgery, TMJ surgery, and multiple tooth extraction procedures. Patients seem to recover a bit quicker and do not have to be exposed to some of the side effects of heavy pain medication.