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Whether you recently lost a single tooth or have been suffering for years with many missing teeth, you’re likely experiencing physical and emotional consequences. Tooth loss can make it difficult to eat comfortably and smile confidently, impacting everything from your nutrition and speech to your professional and social life. A single missing tooth can cause shifting of adjacent teeth and an increased risk of decay and gum disease. Another consequence of tooth loss is that the alveolar bone that supported your teeth deteriorates, with 25% of bone volume lost within the first year. This can lead to undesirable facial changes.

As the only permanent tooth replacement option, dental implants have enabled millions of people to enjoy renewed confidence and a better quality of life. No matter how many teeth you’re missing, dental implants in Statesboro, GA, and Swainsboro, GA provide unrivaled longevity, functional benefits, and a natural appearance. With proven expertise in the art and science of dental implants, our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons look forward to helping you achieve a radiant new smile, improved oral health, and a boost to your self-confidence with the number one tooth replacement solution!

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant consists of a post, abutment, and restoration that work together to replicate the function and aesthetics of natural teeth. Like any dental treatment, not all dental implants are created equal. This permanent solution requires the precision of a skilled implant dentist and advanced surgical technology to optimize treatment outcomes and long-term success. As oral surgeons, we have the expertise to handle routine cases as well as failed dental implants that need complete restoration. We use both freehand techniques and guided surgery, depending on each patient’s unique anatomy and oral health.

Custom Dental Implant Options

Dental implants offer unsurpassed versatility because they can be used to replace a single missing tooth, or many missing teeth or restore function in patients who are completely edentulous (toothless). Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and can last a lifetime with proper care. Unlike a dental bridge that sacrifices the structure of surrounding healthy teeth, dental implants don’t require modification of adjacent teeth. Full-mouth dental implants will never fall out and cause embarrassment like dentures, nor do they require messy denture adhesives, removal at night, or food limitations. Our team is certified in the All-on-4® full-mouth dental implants, an innovative, streamlined protocol that requires a minimum of four implants per arch and enables placing temporary teeth the same day as surgery.

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Single implant

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Implant Supported Bridge

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Dr. Sellers Talks About Dental Implants | Time, Money, & Fear

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Our Dental Implant
Treatment Process

From start to finish, every step of the dental implant process at East Georgia Center for Oral & Facial Surgery is personalized to your specific oral health needs and smile goals. The first step on your journey to a restored smile and function is a consultation with one of our oral surgeons. An oral exam and diagnostic imaging help us determine if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants in Swainsboro, GA, and Statesboro, GA. In some cases, a bone grafting procedure is necessary to build up bone density and volume prior to placing dental implants. The procedure to place a dental implant takes 30 to 60 minutes for one implant and about two to three hours for full-mouth dental implants.

After your choice of sedation takes effect, a small incision is made in your gum tissue to reveal the bone, space is created using specialized fine instruments, and the titanium implant is inserted. The top of the implant may remain visible, although, in the early healing stages, our team may decide to cover the implant with gum tissue. After the initial phase of healing is complete, an abutment or healing cap is placed on the dental implant during a brief follow-up visit. This allows the gum tissue to mature and provides access to the implant to attach the restoration. In most cases, it takes three to six months for dental implants to fuse with your underlying bone in a process called osseointegration. After this process is complete, you’ll be fitted for a final crown or full mouth prosthesis.

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The Transformative Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Natural looking and comfortable
  • Long-lasting and reliable with a high success rate
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw and face
  • Restores 99% of dental function
  • Enables eating your favorite foods
  • Can be brushed and flossed like natural teeth

Top 5 Mistakes People
Make With Dental Implants

Do you have all the information you need to make the right decisions about dental implants? Don’t make any of these five common mistakes. Our exclusive checklist will steer you in the right direction.

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Dental Implants Before & After

Everyone Deserves Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants are more expensive than removable dental appliances because oral surgery is involved. Dental implants are truly an investment in your future health and happiness because they offer long-term stability and natural-looking beauty while preventing further bone loss and facial changes. With that said, the cost and quality of dental implants vary greatly. Selecting a practice with highly skilled implant specialists is essential for achieving the best possible outcome. At East Georgia Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, our experienced oral surgeons can restore any smile and offer streamlined solutions that save you money, and even more so if you need full-mouth dental implants. Although dental implants are expensive and may not always be covered by insurance, our prices are competitive, we accept many payment methods and offer up to 12-month financing through CareCredit to make dental implants more affordable.

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