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More Accurate Implant Surgery
Delivers Greater Peace of Mind

Although dental implants are the most versatile, natural-looking, and longest-lasting tooth replacement solution, achieving successful outcomes requires a significant level of expertise. At East Georgia Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, we believe in investing in the latest technology to enhance our ability to deliver the highest quality dental implants in Statesboro, GA, and Swainsboro, GA.

One of these technologies is the X-Guide® Dynamic 3D Navigation System. X-Guide is a revolutionary system that extends the capabilities of cone beam computed tomography and intraoral scanners to deliver simplified and more accurate dental implant surgery. The X-Nav implant robot provides added reassurance that your dental implants are placed exactly where they should be. This innovative technology enables same-day full-mouth dental implant surgery and superb outcomes—at a fraction of the cost of traditional guides.

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Patient Education Video - X-Guide Navigated Dental Implant Surgery

How Does X-Guide Work?

With the help of the high-tech X-Nav robot, guided dental implant surgery in Swainsboro, GA, and Statesboro, GA takes the guesswork out of surgery—from preplanning to placement. Our oral surgeons pre-plan the ideal implant location based on your unique anatomy using advanced software. During your procedure, a small, lightweight X-Clip is placed in your mouth that matches the digital plan with a specialized radiation-free camera system. We see a real-time, 3D view of the drill as it gets close to crucial underlying structures, including your jawbone, soft tissue, surrounding teeth, nerves, and sinuses. The X-Guide navigation provides turn-by-turn guidance along the surgical path, like a road map on GPS. This enhances our ability to make precise adjustments based on surrounding structures for greater accuracy, optimal outcomes, and less post-surgical pain. It is especially beneficial for placing All-on-4® full-mouth dental implants because this protocol requires placing anterior (back) implants at specific angles to maximize support and stability of existing bone and bypass bone grafting.

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Top 5 Mistakes People
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The Benefits of X -Guide

  • Delivers greater precision and minimally invasive surgery
  • Streamlines treatment with predictable outcomes
  • Less costly than traditional implant surgery/guides
  • Enables placing same-day full-mouth dental implants
  • Minimizes damage to anatomical structures
  • Improves function, oral health, and well-being
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Restore Your Smile and Life
with Robotic Implant Guidance

The X-Guide system combines our oral surgeons’ extensive implant surgery expertise with the benefits of robotic surgery. This is similar to the technological approach used in complex neurosurgical procedures, including brain surgery. Studies show that X-Guide navigated surgery is 10 times more accurate than freehand surgery. With the X-Guide system, it’s possible to get the functional and aesthetic implant results you desire, while minimizing complications and optimizing your time. You’ll be amazed by the transformative benefits provided by dental implants in Statesboro, GA, and Swainsboro, GA, and enjoy natural-looking and functional fixed teeth placed on the same day as surgery.

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