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Dental Implant Technology / X-Guide

East Georgia Center for Oral & Facial Surgery is leading the way in dental implant surgery. Dental implant technology changes frequently and our practice is committed to providing our patients with the best! We strive to offer our patients with well-researched materials, technology, and implants without taking shortcuts. Over the past several months, our Board Certified oral surgeons have been the first in the region to introduce the X-Guide – a revolutionary dynamic 3-D navigation system that makes dental implant surgery more accurate and reduces complications.

First, we take your CT scan in our office and transfer the digital files to our X-Guide server. Then, we virtually plan your cosmetic crown and implant surgery on our surgical software. The software then transfers the files in a matter of seconds to our X-Guide equipment. We are then able to perform your surgery with absolute precision and accuracy of the implant position, angulation, and depth. Failure to take account for these considerations could lead to permanent nerve injury, major surgical bleeding, infections, sinusitis, increased pain, and implant failure. The best part is that it is quicker and cheaper than traditional dental implant surgical guides!