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We get this question all the time: “I saw something on TikTok…does drinking pineapple juice help reduce swelling and inflammation after I have my wisdom teeth surgery?”


So, is it a trend or is it a fact? There are some studies have shown that an enzyme in pineapple juice called Bromelain can help reduce swelling and inflammation after surgery. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323783#benefits


However, we would not recommend consuming large quantities of pineapple juice to manage your pain and swelling after surgery. You would need to drink large quantities of it to trigger its anti-inflammatory benefits, and the side effects could include nausea and diarrhea. Pineapple juice also has lots of sugar, and that isn’t healthy for the enamel of your teeth or patients who are diabetics.


To help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, we would recommend utilizing Ibuprofen and applying ice packs the first 24 hours after surgery and heating pads/warm compresses thereafter. Antibiotics may also be prescribed after your wisdom teeth surgery and that will help reduce the risk for infection. If you insist on drinking pineapple juice, 8 oz daily would be sufficient. You can also purchase a Bromelain supplement in a capsule form. This would be much better than drinking a ton of pineapple juice!


The best approach is to speak with our Oral Surgery specialist. They have many years of experience and are up to date on all the latest technologies, medications, and research to ensure you a successful recovery period after your surgery.