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Pediatric and Adolescent Oral Surgery

All of our patients deserve quality dental care with the highest standards.  We strive to establish positive treatment experiences during an individual’s developmental years to help shape a favorable outlook towards future dental and medical care.  When choosing an oral surgeon for your child, it is essential that you select a practice that is experienced, knowledgeable, and comfortable with pediatric dental and medical health.  Your child’s oral surgery treatment is very important to us, and our board certified surgeons pride themselves in being the region’s premier specialists in pediatric and adolescent oral and maxillofacial surgery.  Our staff and doctors want your child to feel safe, confident, and comfortable by explaining treatment clearly and encouraging their questions.

Tooth Extractions:

Baby Teeth may require removal if they develop cavities that are too large for dental fillings.  The extensive decay on these teeth can cause severe pain and infection.

In addition, we often remove Baby Teeth to help minimize crowding of growing Adult Teeth.  In the event a Baby Tooth is delayed in falling out on its own, removal of one or more Baby Teeth is required to ensure that the underlying Adult Teeth can come into the mouth in normal position.

Lastly, we will often receive a referral from your child’s orthodontist for removal of Adult Teeth to facilitate orthodontic treatment when correcting significant dental crowding.  These teeth are typically Adult Premolar Teeth and are removed to help create space to assist in tooth alignment.

Exposure of Impacted Canines:

When a permanent canine tooth (“eye tooth”) is not able to grow completely into the mouth due to crowding or poor positioning, we are able to perform an exposure procedure for the tooth to allow it to erupt as it would naturally.  This minor surgery is performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.  Depending on the positioning, a small bracket is placed on the impacted tooth to allow your child’s orthodontist to place traction on the tooth to guide it into its correct position.  The procedure is quite simple and associated with minimal discomfort.


A Frenectomy is performed to treat a child who is “tongue tied.”  Tongue Tie can be caused when a thick band of tissue on the undersurface of the tongue restricts tongue movement and range of motion.  This can lead a child to have difficulty speaking and eating, and can cause recession of the gums or gaps in between front teeth.  Evaluation and treatment for this condition is important since Tongue Tie can affect a child’s confidence and the ability to achieve developmental milestones.  The Frenectomy procedure is a very minimally invasive procedure, and any stitches that are placed will fall out on their own.

Sedation and Anesthesia:

Your child’s safety and comfort are our primary concern.  There are several anesthesia options that we are able to offer our pediatric patients.  At the initial consultation appointment, we will review your child’s health history, discuss treatment and anesthesia options, and provide our recommendations.  A complex medical history or extensive oral surgery treatment will sometimes require procedures to be performed in a hospital.  Rest assured, this process is easy and an overnight stay is rarely required. Our doctors are proud to be on active staff at East Georgia Regional Medical Center and Emanuel Medical Center.